Rev. Dr. Yap Kim Hao was consecrated the 1st Asian Bishop of the Methodist Church in malaysia and Singapore in 1968. He was elected to serve as General Secretary of the Christian Conference of Asia in 1973. In 1988 he accepted the invitation as Visiting Professor of World Christianity, Perkins School of Theology, Southern methodist University, Dallas, texas, USA. He taught also in Summer school in vancouver School of Theology, Canada in 1990.

His primary education was in Anglo Chinese School, Kampar and secondary education in Anglo-Chinese School, Ipoh, Malaysia. he obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Biology & Cheminstry) from Baker University, Baldwin City, kansas. His Master of Divinity and Doctor of theology Degrees were secured from Boston University School of Theology, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

His publications include Doing Theology in a pluralistic world and from Prepat to Colombo: History of the Christian Conference of Asia, 1957-1995.

He was confered with an hononary Doctor of Divinity degree of Baker University and was honoured with the Distinguished Alumni Award by Boston University School of Theology. The Order of Jerusalem medal was presented to him in recognition of his services in the World Methodist Council.

In March 2014, Yale-NUS college announced the Yap Kim Hao Professorship in Comparative Religious Studies[1].

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