We are against Pink Dot in Singapore (WAAPD) is a group on Facebook which brands itself as a public policy discussion platform on the Pink Dot movement in Singapore.

As a public policy group, it stands against the normalisation of homosexuality within Singaporean society. It serves the function of providing resource and networking for individuals and organisations that share the group's policy goals.

After one of its members, Bryan Lim was fined $5,000 for hate speech against the LGBT community[1], its administrators posted the following guidelines:

"We set these rules so that we know how to engage as a community. Rules may be updated/amended etc without consultation of any member. (Created : 17th August 2014. Updated 30th June 2015)

(1) All members are reminded to know and understand what are the fundamentals of PinkDot & LGBT movement.

(2) No extremist views or hatred messages welcome here. We are not here to PUSH those confused lot in LGBT away. We would prefer to help them by reaching out to them. For the activists who are pushing the agenda, we prefer to engage them and show them the truth. However we are not shy to hold on to a strong stand if needed.

(3) To share our group and invite more people in to raise awareness.

(4) Agree to disagree on some views but no personal vendetta.

(5) Irrelevant and hateful comments / posts will be deleted WITHOUT notice.

(6) Use English as we have a good mix of race and religion here.

(7) Vulgarities in ANY language are not allowed.

(8) Religious articles that relates to LGBTs are allowed, but please be specific.

(9) Comments that praises the Lord / Alhamdulillah / praise amitabha / so on and so forth, will also be allowed. However EXCESSIVELY done by any single group/person may constitute a delete WITHOUT notice.

(10) Please be civil in all discussion and do not post articles that would divide the group (especially those that would insult any religion).

(11) Strictly no advertisements. We will delete your advertisement and we will ban you without notice.

(12) Admins do not need to answer to anyone for any actions. Admins make the final decisions. Please respect the Admins and do not abuse them."

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  • We are against Pink Dot in Singapore's Facebook page:[2].

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