The Passion of Kenny Pereira: The Gay Eurasian Soldier of Michael Chiang’s “Army Daze” and His Legacy was a lecture delivered by writer Ng Yi-Sheng from7:30pm-9pm at the Salon on level 2 of The Substation. It was the second in The Substation's "Discipline in the City" series and the first talk in its "Salon" programme.


Singaporeans will certainly recall Michael Chiang's comedy, "Army Daze": a portrayal of National Service that was both a pioneering English-language play (1987) and film (1996). The work is noteworthy for its inclusion of a coded queer character: Kenny Pereira, a flamboyantly effeminate Eurasian recruit. Examine the political, social and cultural confluences that led to the creation of this character. Consider the nuances of his role and his diverse interpretations, and his legacy in Singaporean theatre and film.

This lecture is ticketed at $10 per person. Buy ticket here"


  • Facebook event page:[1].


This article was written by Roy Tan.

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