Teh Yik Koon is a criminologist, sociologist and educator. She works as a professor in sociology at the Faculty of Defence Studies and Management, National Defence University of Malaysia.

Her achievements include research in Malaysia on the transgender community, female prisoners, attitudes towards rape victims and women, HIV prevention amongst marginalised communities, crime prevention, and problems and issues of military families.

Teh's areas of interest are HIV prevention, crime prevention and rehabilitation, gender and sexuality, military families, non traditional security.

Teh was born in Perak, Malaysia.


  • Bachelor Law and Sociology, University Kent, Canterbury, England
  • Master of Arts Sociology, University Kent, Canterbury
  • Doctor of Philosophy Sociology and Criminology, London School of Economics and Political Science.


  • Southeast Asia Association Gender Studies
  • Fulbright Alumni
  • Malaysian Social Science Association
  • Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation

Her leisure interests include reading, travel, learning about new discoveries, cultures and traditions, history and opera.

She may be contacted at:

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