Sng Ee Tze (born 23 July 1978), better known as Stefanie Sun or Sun Yanzi, and known to fans as 13姐 ("13th sister"), is a singer-songwriter. She is known as the Singaporean Mandopop queen. She has sold over 30 million copies of her albums during the span of her career thus far.[1] She is based in Taiwan, as she does the majority of her recordings there. Her popularity extends to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and her native Singapore.


Sun has an elder sister named Sng Yee-kia (孙燕佳) who is three years older, and a younger sister named Sng Ee-mei (孙燕美) who is six years younger.

Sun was educated at Nanyang Primary School, St. Margaret's Secondary School, Raffles Girls' School and went on to attend Saint Andrew's Junior College. She later attended Nanyang Technological University, where she obtained a degree in Marketing, and was said to stay at Hall 6 where she was known for her singing talent. Her voice talent was discovered by her music teacher Lee Wei Song.

In the Mandarin-speaking world, Sun is more popularly known by her Mandarin name, Sun Yan-zi or Sun Yanzi. Sun has sold over 10 million copies in Asia. With twelve albums to her name, she is arguably the most successful singer from Singapore.[1] Sun is also known to be good friends with her fellow Pop Princess of Taiwan, Jolin Tsai. They are often performing guests at each other's concerts.

On 8 May 2011, Sun married Nadim Van Der Ros, 34, a Dutch-Indonesian and founder of The Good Bean Consultancy.[2] They had met through a mutual friend and dated for five years, but their relationship was revealed only when she was spotted supporting him at Aviva Singapore's Ironman Triathlon in 2009. They had earlier secretly registered their marriage on 31 March 2011.[3][4][5] On 30 October 2012, Sun gave birth to her first child, a baby boy weighing approximately 3.4 kg.[6][7][8]


Most of her songs are sung in Mandarin Chinese, with a few in English. Sun's ability to speak various dialects is reflected in the songs she sings. In the song "Cloudy Day" (天黑黑), she sang in both Mandarin and Hokkien. It is an adaptation of a traditional Hokkien folk song that included the first six words in the original Hokkien- Thiⁿ-o͘-o͘, beh lo̍h-hō͘ – in the chorus.[9] Her second song in her career sang in both Mandarin and Hokkien was released in her 2014 album Kepler, entitled "Best Youth" (尚好的青春).

The album Start contained 6 songs in English: covers of "Venus", "That I Will Be Good", "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough", "Silent All These Years", and "Hey Jude"; and the original song "Someone".

Music careerEdit


Her first album was released in June 2000, the self-titled Yan Zi (孙燕姿), published by Warner Music. "Yan Zi" album sold over 560 000 copies alone in Taiwan, and 3.8 million copies in Asia. This was a major success for Sun and the record company as a newcomer. This was followed in December of the same year as My Desired Happiness (我要的幸福), which sold over 800 000 copies in Taiwan alone, and 4 million copies in Asia.

Her third album was released in early 2001, titled "Kite" (風筝). This album had sold successfully with 900 000 copies in Taiwan; also over 4.1 million copies in Asia.[10]

January 2002 saw the release of Start (自選集), a collection of songs, many of which are cover versions. "Start" sold over 500 000 copies in Taiwan alone, and it also reached high commercial success in Asia with 3.5 million copies sold.

In 2002 and 2003 Sun sang the official theme songs for Singapore's National Day Parade: "We Will Get There" (一起走到) and "One United People" (全心全意). The former was included on the album Leave. Leave sold over 400 000 copies in Taiwan and 3.3 million copies in Asia.

In early 2003, she released her sixth album titled, "To Be Continued..." which was also met with commercial success. It managed to sell over 300 000 copies in Taiwan and over 2.8 million copies in Asia. Few months later, she released her seventh album, her first compilation album, with six new songs and fifteen of her old songs; the album sold over 900 000 copies in Taiwan alone, and 4.3 million copies in Asia. By the end of 2003, Sun had sold almost 26 million copies in Asia with just seven albums.

In late 2003, she decided to take a one-year hiatus from making music, believing that she needed to recover her sense of direction. She returned in late 2004 with a new album titled Stefanie, intended to be a mirror of her debut album (self-titled as well, but in Chinese). This was to symbolise her return with a fresh attitude. This album was well received by the critics in the Chinese music industry. This album sold over 4 million copies in Asia; making it one of the most successful album from her.Template:Citation needed

She also started her own artiste management company, Make Music, during this sabbatical.[11]

A Perfect Day was released on 2005, almost one year later. Reviews of this new album have been mixed, but Sun had mentioned before that her priority is to make quality music, instead of over-commercialized products that sell well but have a lower level of artistic quality. Though this album did not reach the best commercial success, it had still managed to sell over 300 000 copies in Taiwan and 2.8 million copies in Asia.Template:Citation needed

In 2006, Sun took part in a regional concert tour. She staged four full-house concerts at the renowned Hong Kong Coliseum. The performances received positive reviews from the media as well as overwhelming support from fans. Sun then returned to Singapore in a much-anticipated homecoming concert. Yet, not all is smooth-sailing for her. At the Golden Melody Award 2006 in Taiwan, whilst performing renditions of other male singers' songs, she went off-key and was heavily lambasted in the Chinese pop media, which reported that she has shattered her image of a pop diva with great singing skills. She attributed it to factors like not enough rest due to the incident at the airport and inadequate time for sufficient practice with a concert in Mainland China on the day right before the ceremony etc.Template:Citation needed She re-did the songs again at her concert at Taipei one month later to show her true skills and received very positive reviews for the rendition and the concert itself as well.

Sun's first album under the Capitol brand is entitled Against The Light (逆光) and has been released on 22 March 2007. Her decision to leave Warner after 9 albums was partly due to music executive Sam Chen, who now works at EMI. He had collaborated with Sun on 8 of her 9 albums.

On 26 February 2007, Sun returned from Cairo where she and her team were extorted by suspected local gangsters. Sun was in Egypt to shoot a music video for her new album. Two men disguised as government officials followed her and the crew and asked for money—at one point even showing a handgun. The crew tried calling the police, only for the two crooks to dismiss them with just a few words. The crew had to hand over a total of over 200,000 yuan to continue shooting. The extortion went on for four days. Finally, Sun and her team were able to leave the country with the help of the Singapore embassy. Upon returning home, the pop diva said nothing except that she was tired and needed some rest.[12][13]

Sun's 10th album, Against The Light, has been a major success in Asia. In Taiwan, it sold over 60,000 copies in the first 3 days it was released. In addition, over 500,000 copies were sold within a week in Mainland China.

In 2007, Sun sang the official theme song for ASEAN's 40th anniversary celebrations: Rise.[14]

In 2008 Sun took an offer to guest star in the film "12 Lotus" (12莲花) acting as Guan Yin, who sings Hokkien songs and reads a poem in Hokkien as well.[15] Sun also performed in the Love Amplified Concert, a concert held in Singapore to commemorate World AIDS Day 2008. The concert was held at Fort Canning Park, Singapore on 29 November 2008.

In May 2009, Sun started her new world tour "The Answer is..." with her first stop in Taiwan. In this world tour, she worked with William Chang, her concert image consultant. She sang her new song "愚人的國度". Sun has no artist management deal currently.

In November 2009, Sun sings the theme song "木蘭情" for the featured film version of Mulan.

In May 2010, Sun released the single "Every Touching Moment" for Shanghai Expo 2010 with Tanya Chua, JJ Lin and A-do.

On 8 March 2011, three days before the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, Sun launched her comeback with a new album, named It's Time (是时候). It had been four years since her last album.[16] HMV and CD Rama in various locations in Singapore have reportedly sold out her first batch of CDs. However it had been reported that HMV charged an extra $5 for the CDs. Despite the hike in price in combination with the overshadowing by the March 11th disaster in Japan, the album still remained top on the chart for 3 consecutive weeks since the release of the album.

In December 2012, Sun announced her plans to return with concert tour in 2013. She commented that "clever singers do not rush through a production" and that she is not in hurry to release a new album, and also joked that she is returning to the stage to earn "milk powder money" for her beloved son. Although an exact date has not been released yet, Stef's manager mentioned that there will be no lesser than 12 stops for the tour this time round.[17]


In early September 2013, Sun signed on to Universal Music at a press conference in Capella Singapore on Singapore's Sentosa Island.[18] She released her latest 12th album Kepler in February 2014, and started her world concert tour with the same name "Kepler", with the first stop in Taiwan on 14 February 2014. She returned home to hold her concert on 5 July 2014 in Singapore National Stadium at the Sports Hub,[19] and she made history by being the first singer to stage a concert at the National Stadium after its renovation.[20]

In October 2014, the Madame Tussauds Singapore museum unveiled a wax figure of Sun. The statue depicts Sun dressed in a dramatic black outfit, sporting a funky crop of dyed hair and holding up a microphone to a concert "audience" and listening for its response. In an interview with The Straits Times, Sun shared that four staff members took her measurements in a hotel ballroom in Shanghai earlier in 2014. "Everything was very precise and detailed, down to the shade of the gums... even the size of the eyeballs." she said.[21]

In August 2016, Sun released an EP single titled "Sweet Child O' Mine".[22]

Collaborations Edit

Sun collaborated with Japanese singer Mai Kuraki on the last track of Sun's album To Be Continued..., "My Story, Your Song". They collaborated again on Mai Kuraki's If I Believe album, released in July 2003, with the song, "Tonight, I Feel Close To You".

Sun also sang with fellow Singaporean singer, Tanya Chua, the song "Original Point (原点)" in Tanya's album, Amphibian.

In the song "First Day", from the album A Perfect Day, she sings with the popular Taiwanese musicians MayDay and F.I.R., forming a one time band called First Day (same as the title of the song they sing), with FIR coming from F.I.R., ST coming from the first two letters in Sun's English name Stefanie and Day coming from MayDay. Sun had previously worked with MayDay on a song from their album Time Machine.

She has collaborated with singers Wang Leehom, Jane Zhang, and Wang Feng to record the theme song of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games: "Light the Passion, Share the Dream" (点燃激情,传递梦想).



# English title Chinese title Released Label
1st Yan Zi 孫燕姿 9 June 2000 Warner Music Taiwan
2nd My Desired Happiness 我要的幸福 9 December 2000 Warner Music Taiwan
3rd Kite 風筝 12 July 2001 Warner Music Taiwan
4th Start 自選集 3 January 2002 Warner Music Taiwan
5th Leave 21 May 2002 Warner Music Taiwan
6th To Be Continued... 未完成 10 January 2003 Warner Music Taiwan
7th The Moment (New Song + Collection) 關鍵時刻 22 August 2003 Warner Music Taiwan
8th Stefanie 29 October 2004 Warner Music Taiwan
9th A Perfect Day 完美的一天 7 October 2005 Warner Music Taiwan
10th Against the Light 逆光 22 March 2007 EMI Taiwan
11th It's Time 是時候 8 March 2011 Wonderful Music
12th Kepler 克卜勒 27 February 2014 Universal Music Group
13th A Dancing Van Gogh 跳舞的梵谷 9 November 2018 Universal Music Group

Live concert albumsEdit

# English title Chinese title Released Label
1st Yanzi 2000 Live Concert 孫燕姿2000台北萬人演唱會 2001 Warner Music Taiwan
2nd Yanzi Start Live Concert 孫燕姿Start世界巡迴演唱會 2002 Warner Music Taiwan

Compilation albumEdit

# English title Chinese title Released Label
1st My Story, Your Song 經典全紀錄 26 September 2006 Warner Music Taiwan

Awards and accoladesEdit

Sun is regarded as one of the most accomplished local artists in her native homeland, Singapore, partly linked with her central role in two National Day theme songs We Will Get There (一起走到) in 2002 and One United People (全心全意) in 2003.

She has won awards and other accolades for her music in the course of her career in Singapore, Taiwan, mainland China and Hong Kong.

Music relatedEdit

Year Awards
  • Hong Kong TVB8 Awards, Best Newcomer (Gold)[23]
  • Hong Kong's Radio Station, Most Promising Artist
  • Channel V Music Awards (Beijing), Best newcomer
  • Channel V Music Awards (Beijing), Song of the Year
  • Singapore Hit Awards, Most Promising Artiste
  • Ming Sheng Bao Top 10 Stars, Most Promising Artiste
  • China Music Awards, Best Newcomer
  • China Music Awards, Best Female Vocal
  • Golden Melody Awards (Taiwan), Best newcomer
  • MTV Chinese, Top 10 Most Popular Artist
  • Golden Melody Awards (Malaysia), "Hong Ren" of the year (Gold)
  • 1st Global Chinese Music Awards, Top 20 Songs for "My Desired Happiness" (我要的幸福)
  • Singapore Hit Awards, Best Local Artiste
  • Singapore Hit Awards, Best New Act (Gold)
  • Singapore Hit Awards, Most Popular Female Artiste
  • Singapore Hit Awards, Best-Selling Female Artiste
  • Singapore Hit Awards, Best Local Artiste
  • MTV Asia Awards, Singapore Most Popular Singer
  • 2nd Global Chinese Music Awards, Most Popular Female Singer
  • 2nd Global Chinese Music Awards, Outstanding Singer Singapore
  • 2nd Global Chinese Music Awards, Best Album
  • 2nd Global Chinese Music Awards, Top 20 Songs for "我不爱"
  • Singapore Hit Awards, Best Local Artiste
  • Singapore Hit Awards, Best Performing Regional Female Artiste
  • MTV Asia Awards, Favourite Artist Singapore
  • 3rd Global Chinese Music Awards, Outstanding Singer Singapore
  • 3rd Global Chinese Music Awards, Most Popular Female Singer
  • 3rd Global Chinese Music Awards, Best Album (未完成)
  • 3rd Global Chinese Music Awards, Top 20 Songs for "Mystical" (神奇)
  • Singapore Hit Awards, Best Local Artiste
  • MTV Asia Awards, Favourite Artist Singapore
  • 4th Global Chinese Music Awards, Outstanding Singer Singapore
  • 4th Global Chinese Music Awards, Most Popular Female Singer
  • 4th Global Chinese Music Awards, Top 20 Songs for "遇见"
  • 6th Global Chinese Music Awards, Outstanding Singer (Singapore)
  • 6th Global Chinese Music Awards, Top 5 Popular Female Singers
  • 6th Global Chinese Music Awards, Most Popular Female Singer
  • 6th Global Chinese Music Awards, Best Album (完美的一天)
  • 6th Global Chinese Music Awards, Top 20 Songs for "A Perfect Day" (完美的一天)
  • MTV Asia Awards: Favorite Artist Singapore
  • 7th Global Chinese Music Awards, Outstanding Singer (Singapore)
  • 7th Global Chinese Music Awards, Top 5 Popular Female Singers
  • 7th Global Chinese Music Awards, Most Popular Female Singer
  • 7th Global Chinese Music Awards, Best Album (逆光)
  • 7th Global Chinese Music Awards, Top 20 Songs for "Unforgettable/What I Miss" (我怀念的)
  • Singapore Hit Awards 2007, Asian Media Recognition Award
  • Singapore Hit Awards 2007, Most Popular Female Vocalist
  • Singapore Hit Awards 2007, Y.E.S 93.3FM Top 10 Songs – Rainy Day, Unforgettable/What I Miss(雨天,我怀念的)
  • Singapore Hit Awards 2007, Y.E.S 93.3FM Song that stayed the longest in chart – Unforgettable/What I Miss (我怀念的)
  • Singapore Hit Awards 2007, Y.E.S 93.3FM Best Album of the Year – Against the Light(逆光)

Non music relatedEdit

  • Her World Young Woman Achiever Award in 2001.[25]
  • NTU Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award in 2005.[26]
  • Singapore Youth Award (Arts and Culture) in 2007 for her outstanding achievements in the music scene, and her contributions to the local and international community.[27]
  • Singapore Tourism Ambassador for Greater China in September 2010 by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).[28]
  • Business China Young Achiever Award in 2011 for her recognised bilingual and bicultural role model for the young.[29][30]
  • NTU Nanyang Distinguished Alumni Award in 2014.[31]

Vocal teacherEdit

Sun's vocal teacher, Nicole Lai died on 6 September 2008; both were very good friends. Sun gave her a nickname Niguolai (你過來), that sounds like Nicole Lai. One of Lai's wishes in life was to have a CD album of her own. After her death, Sun sponsored Lai's CD album with the Mandarin song 'Freedom' that was both written and sung by Lai. Singapore's leading English newspaper publication Straits Times on 26 September 2008 reported news of Stefanie's sponsorship of Nicole's CD album.[32][33]


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