"Purple Light" is based on the true story of a young recruit who enters National Service without knowing what is ahead of him. Being physically weaker, Zipeng is often laughed at by his superiors and peers. Tasked upon by his superior to help train up his buddy, Ethan became Zipeng's closest buddy. Unexpected and unbeknownst to both, feelings begin to grow. Zipeng, afraid of being found out and the repercussions that this would engender, finds himself being caught in the struggle between being true to himself and what others may think of him. Ethan, a perennially happy and positive person, suddenly finds himself having to deal with the discovery of his nascent sexuality.

How will both boys eventually reconcile their dilemma?

"Purple Light" is a film that encourages homosexuals to come to terms with themselves. At the same time, it strives to let them know that they are not abnormal and they are not alone.

Purple Light 相近如兵 - Singapore LGBT Army Short Film Viddsee23:55

Purple Light 相近如兵 - Singapore LGBT Army Short Film Viddsee

PurpleLight001 PurpleLight002 PurpleLight003

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