OG (Oriental Guys) magazine was the world's first glossy gay Asian soft porn periodical, surprisingly produced in Singapore by the republic's first widely-known gay entrepreneur, Edward Chew.

Chew realised the huge, unmet international need for a high quality gay Asian publication. However, owing to the republic's strict Undesirable Publications Act, the magazine was printed in Hong Kong and widely distributed around the world through the 1980s and 1990s.

Chew charged a premium price of around S$25 for each issue. The worldwide demand was still great despite the price tag because of the rarity of the photographs and subject matter at the time.

Chew enlisted the help of Australian Ian Withers to be the editor of the magazine.

Many Singaporean gay photographers and graphic artists worked underground to produce 26 issues of OG biannually over two decades, with the inaugural issue premiering in November 1987.

Initially featuring photographs of Asian men from other, more liberal Asian countries such as Thailand and Japan, OG got round to using Singaporean models in the later issues. This caused a stir in Singapore with the English-language tabloid of the day, The New Paper, writing sensationalist articles attacking Chew and the local models after several gay men wanted to blackmail the models.

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This article was written by Roy Tan.

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