New Nation was Singapore's second major English-language newspaper, published in the 1970s and 1980s[1].

It adopted an evening tabloid format.

The name "New Nation" has been re-appropriated by a contemporary satirical online news website[2].

It advertises itself thus[3]:

" is quite obviously, a satire site. We write fake news half the time, and make an effort to write funny commentary in the other half. Our content is easy-to-read, concise, always insightful, and never boring. We cover current affairs, culture, technology, lifestyle, and weird news.

Training ground

We’re always on the lookout for contributors with a wicked sense of humour. Contact us if you want to try your hand at satire.

Meet the team

Belmont Lay – founder

Terence Lee – founder

Joey Tan – intern"

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  • Dick Yip's article in his blog, "The Wise Old Owl", "Old News clippings...the New Nation, 1977", 1 May 2009[4].
  • New Nation, a satirical online news website[5].


This article was written by Roy Tan.

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