The Inter-University LGBT Network (the Network or Inter-Uni for short) is a network for organisations in Singapore universities to collaborate in fostering safer and more inclusive school communities for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.


One day, all higher education institutions in Singapore will be safe and inclusive campuses for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.


It aims to foster safer and more inclusive school communities in three ways:

Outreach: Raising awareness and promoting understanding of gender and sexual diversity on campus

Support: Supporting gender and sexually diverse students through creating safe and inclusive spaces for networking, peer support and social engagement

Research & Advocacy: Conducting relevant and incisive research to effectively advocate for safer and more inclusive institutional policies and practices in the interest of gender and sexually diverse students

Member groupsEdit

Gender CollectiveEdit


Out To CareEdit


The G SpotEdit


For general enquires, Inter-Uni may be contacted at

​For media enquiries on the Network, please contact (Mr) Kyle Malinda-White, Public Relations Director.

​For student research project requests, the Network regrets that recruitment requests for LGBTQ+ subjects for interviews, focus group discussions or surveys will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Priority will be given to student projects relating to novel research questions, the Network and its programmes, and those with clear project outcomes that concretely benefit the LGBTQ+ community. Please email such requests to with the subject "Student Research Request" and the following information:

​Names and institutions of project team members;

Purpose of research, including how project outcomes will concretely benefit the LGBT community;

Other relevant project information, such as the methodology, initial findings and other organisations contacted.

​Do not send multiple project requests to the Network and its constituent groups. If requests are university- or group-specific, it should be directed to the specific groups.

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