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Go back to Part 1: Translation of this video segment: Did you know that there are more than 300 web pages specially for homosexual Muslims? Their aim is to give support and space for communicating. Furthermore, most of these pages assure that the homosexual lifestyle is not necessarily in conflict with Islam. Yesterday, the National Council of Churches Singapore has stated their stand in forbidding homosexual conduct. What about Islam? Follow the second report of Mazlina Mazlan. Even though they are sure about their choice to live a homosexual lifestyle, both Zac and Helmi admit that they are frequently hit by conflicts about their own identities. Firstly, about family. They do not want to disappoint their family members who are unable to accept their lifestyle. Secondly, about Islam, both of them admit that they are still fervant in following their religious obligations. Helmi : I feel like I'm living in 2 worlds, ya? Umm, according to my family and according to my capabilities. Two different worlds. But in the two different worlds, I can achieve one common goal. Family harmony. That is most important. If they are not around, if they do not give me support to accept this reality, I don't think I can feel so calm now. Zac : I too do not want to show that I am a lesbian, because I know that it would confirm it ... hearts would break. But as a Muslim, the principles of Islam have 5 precepts, 4 precepts I have completed. Only one more for holy [???] Not that my heart is not open to it. Just that it's not time yet. But Islam forbids any homosexual contact. According to the Assistant Mufti and Head of the Mufti Office, MUIS, Ustaz Patris Bakaram. Ustaz PB : There are no theologians who differ or give a different view about the unlawfulness of the matter. There is no second choice, there is no third choice. The heavenly duty of a man is towards a woman. Conversely, a woman's is towards a man. Moreover, every person is blessed with the potential as well as certain physical attributes, ya? Where the sexual contact is by way of heavenly duty is to produce offspring, ya? To expand reproduction and continue the line of mankind in a legitimate way in a situation of purity. But when the sexual contact, or same-sex contact occurs in an environment which cannot produce offspring, then in the face of Islam, it is considered as something which breaches the heavenly duty, something which cannot be accepted. Because Allah All-Mighty has clarified that the natural occurrence which has been determined by Him cannot be changed or altered. Nevertheless, he added that the people cannot ridicule this community. Ustaz PB : The Prophet did not teach us that when a friend, a relative is perhaps confused, perhaps mistaken when making decisions in his life, who committed minor mistakes, the Prophet never taught us to ridicule. So I see the same thing with a community which has homosexual tendencies like this. Ehrr, in Islam, seeing their heavenly duty has been contaminated. And in Islam, seeing it as an illness which must be cured, medicated, ya? So our role is together. The first extreme in cursing them cannot be. The 2nd extreme is that we have to continue to let go. Meaning, what will be, let it be. That is his choice, his own desire. [But] that cannot be a form of support which is endorsed by our religion. Dr Francis Ngui said, the sensitive approach is to help those who are lost about their sexuality. Ngui : For many of them, they feel quite lost. Where to turn to? Ehrr, most of the time, the focus on helping these individuals would be to gradually, ehrr, get the support of the family. Go through with them what are the advantages and disadvantages. Whether it's advantageous from the society level, from the family point of view, from their religious point of view. And then them to prioritise what they really want, and, ehrr, make the decision, and after make the decision to take responsibility for that decision. More immediately, more Malay organisations need to come forward to play an active role in helping the gay community. This is because at this time, only 3 organisations - that is the Al-Hijrah Division AMP, Family Assistance Centre, PPIS Mendaki and Club Mewadah are running counselling services and giving motivation to the said community. However, what is certain is the current trend which has been brought in [to Singapore] together with globalisation which happened to all advanced nations. According to the research done by Carnegie Mellon University in the US a few years ago, the economically advanced countries give priority to 3 factors: technology, talent and tolerance. On the question of tolerance, the study said that if a country is [tolerant] about the existence of gay people, then it is tolerant of whatever sort of For complete translation, see:,_30_July_2003

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