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In the Tang Dynasty more open social atmosphere, sexual atmosphere is very open, prostitutes industry developed, and appeared on the market male prostitutes, and the former phase of the phase with the former phase of male prostitutes, male prostitutes and male prostitutes in ancient China, Than this seems to be a development. This means that at the time of the capital Chang'an, men can use their own body to pick up the sale, engaged in prostitution industry, in the Tang Dynasty Tao, And did not mind. This kind of prostitutes of the wind, even in the capital also so open, no other governance serious areas of the capital, the male wind can be imagined. In this period, "incense brother", "hero" and so became a synonym for homosexuality, and "Longyang good", "sub-peach", "broken sleeve" the same meaning. "Education Square" "Incense Brothers" Article cloud: "Morohito Morohito, similar to the gas class, about the incense brothers, each as many as four or five people, no less than eighty-nine generation.With Lang Lang who, To the call as 'woman'; brother, see call as 'Sister' also ... ... ... ... Erlang not only a woman, the incense brothers polyphase, cloud learning Turkic law. And cloud, My brother loves and loves him, and he wants to taste his wife. Later generations for the Tang Dynasty romance novels, male wind things often interspersed among them. For example, "Xue Gang trouble lantern" in the description of a prodigal son Xue Ao Cao, "his parents died, furniture consumption, not physiological, only day betting, and a group of bachelor, because he has a bit pretty, He was used to the double skin, swing used the street, but also indiscriminate, where monk Road, thieves, almost all good ... ... "and said" Wu Sansi see him raw white, sometimes heart, is the night called "Wu Sansi is Wu Zetian brother Wu Yuanqing's son, Xue Ao Cao Wu also became the first face. These people are very lively life, between men and men, or prostitution, or prostitution, set rogue, rogue, prodigal son, prostitutes, clients in one, this is one aspect of social atmosphere. Tang Dynasty is a period of great cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, the above social atmosphere, and the influence of the Western Regions may have a great relationship. "Aohan, Western powers, in the retreat Mulisha West, the temperature of the south-east, the side thousands of miles, the dark rich people, the people of the West, Hot and rainy, fruit and lush, producing metal gem diamond, out of orangutans, passers-by to like farming, less cattle, see that foreign body, silkworm weaving, vulgar, male and female, especially male color, "There was a similar situation in other parts of the region at the time. In these areas, male-centered, male-male behavior was then open and allowed, because people in that region considered men more noble than women, women only fertility tool only, it seems and ancient Greece, Rome Male wind similar to the. The prostitutes continued to develop In the Song Dynasty, the prevalence of sexual confinement, sexual repression and the hypocrisy of Taoists, have failed to fundamentally inhibit people's sexual needs and sexual activities, but also failed to fundamentally suppress the male wind. Check the history books, the Song of the male wind is still a lot of things. "Song of the Five Elements" contains: "Since Xianning Taikang, the male pet Daxing, even in the female color, the scholar was still the world, the world salty to follow, or to couple divorced, grudging jealousy." This shows that Of the gay relationship, the world to follow, even the relationship between husband and wife are also affected, can not be considered less. According to the Qing Dynasty scholar Zhao Yi's "Yu Yu Cong test," the records of the Song Dynasty, Zhejiang people do not like to say "duck", this is a taboo, because "duck" at that time is alluding to homosexual and homosexual sex . The male wind in the Song Dynasty in many ways to male prostitutes in the form of performance, there are many records. Tao Gu in the "Qing Yi Lu" in the description of the Northern Song Dynasty capital Bianjing male wind filled the situation: "The four-way guide to the sea for the smoke workshop, to talk about customs and prostitution, the sale of this color households Kyoto, will be million. Lifted body for self - loan, advance and retreat Yiran, then into a bee nest, but also not only Temperament workshops also. In the Qing Dynasty, Zhao Yi also mentioned that there was a group of male prostitutes living in prostitution at that time because of the large number of male prostitutes, so that the emperor Huizong was trying to stop his activities. In addition... Links:

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