2 Jalan Pinang, near Bugis Junction outside the CBD. Parking is available at the Golden Landmark Hotel. The Bugis MRT station is closest. From here, it is a 5 min walk in the direction of Sultan Mosque. Tel: 6295-5668.

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Established by naturalised Frenchman J. Marly, a chef-turned-entrepreneur, it had a full gym, a cafe with free Internet access (the first gay sauna to offer such a service), and a large steam room. The entrance fee was inexpensive and no membership was required. It was patronised by a crowd of all nationalities. Nude nights were on Sundays; Thursday nights were for 20-somethings only. Another 4 men were arrested here in April 2005 in a police raid masquerading as a night-time fire-safety inspection. The outcome of this case is still pending amidst the apparent official backlash against the rising incidence of HIV infection amongst homosexuals in Singapore. It ceased operating in mid-2005.

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